Things That Affect Your Mental Health

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It is your brain that controls all the functions in your body, however it is your mind that has the most power over it all. Depending on how strong you are mentally and how good you are with dealing with unpleasant encounters the way your brain reacts afterwards varies a lot. Therefore, knowing and understanding what exactly influences your mental health is essential. So here are some such factors that influence your mental health.


Depending on how much you value yourself you would either be walking down the street like you own it or you would be moaning over how everything is your fault! You need to realize that there is no one better than you who could do you and that you are one of a kind. So, valuing yourself for all that you are worth is the first step to start off with building a healthy mental state. Things might go wrong at some point or the other, you could be failing at life and visiting a professional anxiety counselling for all the traumas you have gone through, but understanding that none of it is your fault is the first place to start off with and there is no one who could do that for you than yourself!


Building confidence and courage is truly hard. But do you know that even some of the most confident people are nervous behind that façade? The thing with confidence is that the more you portray it on the outside the more it becomes a part of you on the inside and vice versa. Sure some might be able to wing this like a boss and they have just exactly what they want to flaunt such a level of confidence, but that doesn’t you can’t do it either. The key is to start on the inside by appreciating the person you are!

Family problems and breakups

The things that you hold dear to your heart always have a stronger influence or impact on you. Whether that is your family, a lover or even a spouse, knowing how to deal with the hard times the right way is necessary to ensure that these events don’t end up changing you for the worse. You might see certain people dealing with deaths, breakups, divorces and whatnot by drowning themselves in alcohol or drugs. But what they are doing is just cowardly and not facing things head on. Eventually this may even lead to worse things like addictions. So even if you don’t have the strength or courage to face things head on right way do find better ways coping with them, either by meditating, enrolling in art therapy or even listening to music.


Abuse is definitely hard to deal with and no one is stronger than that person who decides to not let this control them nor define them. Whether it is by your parents, siblings, lovers or even spouse, you don’t have to be their punching bag. They might find solace in putting out things on you, but you are not valuing yourself if you are letting them have such control over you. It is definitely hard to remove yourself from the lives of people that you once thought the world of, but remaining in such toxic relationships is definitely going to take a toll on you over time. So for the sake of your mental health and safety, report abuse then and there.