The Uses Of Dental Crowns

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God has created living beings and then divided them into various species. These species are then given names by scientists as carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, etc. Carnivores are named as such because of their flesh eating habits. Herbivores are those who eats plants only whereas omnivores are those who eats plants as well as animals. These animals are given teeth on the basis of their eating habits like carnivores have sharp teeth, herbivores have flat teeth and omnivores have both kinds of teeth that is sharp as well as flat.

Human beings belongs to omnivorous category of species as they posses a very special set of teeth. However, these teeth gets infected or rotten due to various reasons  and needs to be treated. There are various methods for treating tooth cavity or other tooth issues and one of such methods is dental crowns.

Dental crown:

Dental crown can be defined as a covering of a tooth which needs to be treated. This tooth can be a  weak tooth, a broken tooth or a tooth with a large filling in it. Another name for dental crown is dental cap as it performs the function of capping or covering the tooth.

Relation of root canal and dental crowns:

Mostly dental crowns are placed after the procedure of root canal. Root canal can briefly be defined as a procedure of replacing tooth cavity with an inert material. After the procedure of root canal tooth stays in it’s weak state for sometime, during this time it is covered with a dentist Townsville City which protects the tooth from getting broken or being infected again.

Uses of dental crowns:

Mostly people assume that dental crowns are used only after the process of root canal but that is not the case as there are various other purposes for which dental crowns are needed. Dental crowns are used to protect the broken tooth until it is restored to it’s original position. These caps are also used to cover the infected tooth so as to protect it from further decay. Moreover, these caps or crowns supports the teeth that have large fillings. On the whole, we can say that dental crowns are used to restore the shape, position and appearance of damaged tooth.

Types of dental crowns:

Now these dental crowns are divided into various types on the basis of the material used in them. There are ceramic crowns which are used to protect frontal teeth. Then there are porcelain fused to metal crown which are quite durable and have firmer hold. Besides these there are gold alloy crowns and base metal alloy crowns.


Human beings are blessed with perfect set of teeth in which some are sharp where as others are flat. However, it is extremely painful when a teeth gets infected or broken so to restore them dental crown are needed. These crowns give protection and alignment to teeth. “The Townsville Dental Centre” provides the best treatments for teeth including root canals and dental crowns.