Keeping Your Kids Healthy

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Kids are constantly running around and coming into contact with thousands of germs throughout their day. It is important then, given their exposure and susceptibility to illness that you ensure that they are strong and healthy. Teaching them to maintain their health at a young age is also good as it will help them form healthy habits that will last them a lifetime and will serve them well especially as they get older.

Take them to the doctors

Children need countless visits to the doctor. From the moment they are born they need to receive vaccines, go for check-ups and weigh ins. keep this up throughout your child’s life. The vaccines are often on a timed schedule that lasts for a minimum of ten to twenty years depending on their purpose. Keep track and schedule visits on time – these are often to provide your child immunity from measles, chicken pox and mumps. Take them to the best dental clinic in your area.

You want their teeth to be well looked after, so ask around for the best dental clinic. While you do not need to rush to the doctor every time they sniffle, if they are running a high temperature or in a great deal of pain you should take them in as soon as possible or take them to the emergency room. Especially with younger children a persistent fever should be treated with care. Also, never ever give them medicine without a doctor’s prescription – whether it’s for allergies or a cold or ear infection.

Take them outdoors

Protecting kids by keeping them away from any possible encounters with germs will not help protect their health. Exposure to the world instead can help them build an immunity to the germs floating around. This does not mean that you do not take any precautions if you take them on public transport or if they have been playing outside make sure they wash and sanitise their hands before they eat. Teach them the importance of clean hands – tell them that getting dirty is fine but that they should not get that dirt in their mouths or eyes. Teach them not to eat food that falls on the floor and let them run about and explore the great outdoors.

Even kids need exercise!

Yes, even little kids need exercise. Their bodies are growing and they need to stay healthy and strong. Now there is no need to send them to a gym but encourage them to participate in a sport if their choice – this could be anything from swimming to football. If your child is not athletic do not force them to play a sport competitively. Instead encourage them to run about and play – simply stretching their limbs will help. Walk to a park instead of driving or cycle to school.