Can A Person Be An Obstetrician Without Being A Gynaecologist?

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There are lot of different professions around us and each one of them must be equally appreciated and respected. However, the profession of medicine is thought to be the most sacred one and rightly so. The duty of a doctor or any other health care work is the most selfless duty especially during the times of pandemic like the one which we are experiencing nowadays. It is the time where whole world has been locked down and people are forbidden to leave their respective places but doctors have stepped out to save the humanity. Health care workers can be divided into various categories on the basis of their qualification and experience varying from specialists to medical practitioners and from nurses to pharmacists. Specialists are further categorised into various sub-branches depending upon the body parts in which they have specialised in like a cardiologist (who has specialised in heart conditions), neurologist (who specialises in nervous system) and many more. Obstetrician and gynaecologist are two such types of specialists. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that can a person be an obstetrician without being a gynaecologist.


The doctor who specialises in the field of obstetrics is known as an obstetrician. An expert obstetrician from Port Macquarie can be defined as a specialist who deals with the fertility and infertility of women. He is the one who deals with the pregnancy issues, child birth and related conditions. People often confuse gynaecologist with the obstetrician but they are not the same people. However, the confusion cannot be avoided because both the branches of medicine (gynaecology and obstetrics) are closely connected with one another and we can say that obstetrics is the branch of gynaecology.

Can a person be an obstetrician without being a gynaecologist?

We have discussed earlier that the branches of gynaecology and obstetrics are closely related with one another but one must understand the fact that a gynaecologist and an obstetrician are not the same. One fact about these fields is that a person can be a gynaecologist without being an obstetrician but a person cannot be an obstetrician without being a gynaecologist. This is because every kind of medical condition related to the reproductive system of females is covered in the field of gynaecology but in obstetrics only the pregnancy part is discussed which is why obstetrics is incomplete without the specialisation in gynaecology. Link here can assist you regarding the pregnancy.


An obstetrician is the specialist who has specialised in the field of obstetrics in which the medical conditions related to the pregnancy and child birth are dealt with. Obstetrics is the branch of gynaecology (it covers the reproductive system of females). If a person wants to become a gynaecologist only; then he can be but if an individual wants only to be an obstetrician then he cannot because an obstetrician is incomplete without being a gynaecologist. “Dr Aaron Budden” is the highly qualified and extremely professional gynaecologist as well as an obstetrician.